Vietnam white marble is unique and cannot be imitated.

Favored by nature, Vietnam is the unique country has White Marble cannot be imitated.
Over millions of years of accumulation, Vietnam white marble is result from metamorphism sedimentary carbonate rocks, most commonly limestone or dolomite rock. The color change occurring in marble is due to the mineral impurities in the stone; therefore, only the rarest, purest stones can form crystal white marble.

White Marble Block at N.A.T STONE

In Vietnam, white marble is mined from mountainous quarries, with each block has its own patterns style and whiteness background. While cutting into white marble tiles and slabs, the different direction of the saw blade can create either flowery patterns or streaks running along the surface. When made into countertops, each white marble slab will bring an unmatched beauty to any kitchen. Even if you see the same named stone in a restaurant, someone else’s home, or even a magazine, it will undoubtedly look just as beautiful, but entirely different as your white marble countertop, wall or floor.


Vietnamese white marble is elegant and elegant.

Well-known as with many names such as Crystal white, Pure White, Snow White, Optal White, etc, Vietnam White Marble is more special than other marbles because there are sparkling crystals on the pure white background of marble.
On the polished surface, the crystal particles of white marble are like jades. When sandblasting, these crystals are iridescent like needles.

                                 White Marble Polished                                                                                          White Marble Sandblasted

Vietnam White marble is extremely easy to clean.

Vietnam white marble is praised for its white and glittering surface. When used as a kitchen countertop material or for floor, wall, Vietnam white marble will, overtime, make stains or etch invisible. You will be surprised to notice some scratches on the surface will significantly fade and blend into the surface and patterns of the white marble. Any ingredient that is not acid based (lemons, vinegar,..) can be clean off nicely using only a soft sponge of cloth. Remember, don’t stress too much about etches and stains on your countertop or floor or wall. Those are only noticeable under certain angles of lighting. Eventually, you can hardly tell they are there. And besides, they are visible as signs of good memories. When you look back, they will remind you of the great time you had in the kitchen with your family. White marble has been a symbol of timeless elegance and classic for decades. A presence that's instantly recognizable, Vietnam white marble is an excellent choice for your kitchen countertop. With little maintenance and cautions, your white marble kitchen countertop, overtime with use, will develop a character of its own. So don’t hesitate to make an investment that lasts a lifetime with Vietnam white marble.

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